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Our Work

Our goal is to ensure that the African child isable to partake in the digital life and harnessits communal, academic and other benefits,in a safe way 

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The Internet is Flat...

This is our flagship publication on child online protection. It was adopted by the Nigerian Communications Commission for its cybersecurity outreaches.

Report on a survey of over 3000 tweens and teens in Lagos State

We conducted this survey in 2016, interviewing over 3000 children to understand their activities online - including the risks and opportunities.

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Posters for online safety

Children are easily influenced by what they see, so we designed posters that schools and religious institutions can paste on their walls. That way, their children can see the messages on those posters, daily, and be inspired by them.



One of our many consultancies involved partnering with Nigerian Communications Commission to domesticate the ITU guidelines on child online safety. As part of the program, a mascot was developed - Agent COP. 

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