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Fear is the major tool in many of the attempts by parents andcarers who want to ensure that their children and wards stay safe while using the Internet. But that tactic is counter-productive.

As an organization, we work with parent, schools, partner organizations, government and other stakeholders to put factsin front of parenting and child education, in the digital age. 


We frequently engage in research to understand how childrenare using the Internet and the challenges they areencountering. We utilize this research to tweak and adjust ourapproaches to child Internet safety work. 

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Our COP Story

Wise and Harmless Digital is child online protection project. Wise and Harmless Digital an expression of Like a Palm Tree Foundation, a child-focused non-profit. Since 2016, Like a PalmTree Foundation through its various expressions, has served as a child Internet safety hub for various stakeholders within and outside Nigeria.

It has conducted the most elaborate research into the activities of Nigerian children on the Internet, including surveys of over 3000 children across states in Nigeria.

Since then, we have conducted child online safety trainings and organized workshops for schools, religious organizations and government agencies. 

We continually engage with stakeholders within and outside Africa, on child internet safety.

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